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    The SR series is made of pig bristles, which are planted in large numbers in countless holes using advanced "SUNBEE" technology. This ensures a gentle feeling to the skin without a deep bite into the hair. The SR series brush can be used with confidence by beginners as well.Made in Japan. Material: wood, pig bristlesLength: 220 mmWidth: 63 mmRows: 22

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    Možná nejkrásnější kadeřnické nůžky jaké jste kdy viděli.

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    DAVID - is a series of thermally conductive brushes designed specifically to create beautiful and strong waves without damaging your hair. It is also suitable for beginners because it helps you make the volume even bigger and stronger.The aluminum center of the brush has the same temperature as the airflow of the hair dryer and the wooden inner layer...

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    Nakažlivě sebevědomé, založené na mistrovském řemesle

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    Great comb for hair-up. Hair-up has never been easier. Made in Japan.Length: 165 mm

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    The Bmac 1 Series represents the excellence in the “entry level” scissors. It took long time for us to look for the excellent steel and to make severe and hard tests in order to create high-level and strong scissors. 1 Series models are not expensive scissors, with a cutting performance appropriate for the Bmac brand name they represent.A new mechanism, a...

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    carbonový hřeben antistatický chemická odolnosttepelná odolnost do 150°Cdélka: 218 mm

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    Klasická břitva, snadno ovladatelná, pro hygienické, přesné a efektivní holení. Používá se polovina žiletky.

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