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    Možná nejkrásnější kadeřnické nůžky jaké jste kdy viděli.

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    Our Curl Clips have a strong spring that allows an excellent grip and are ideal for creating pin curls.They are lightweight and durable and are available in bag of 10 pcs.Made in UK.

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    Vysoká hustota kančích štětin je ideální pro vysoký lesk a uhlazení vlasů. Průměr: 48 mm

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    Vyniká dlouhým a pevným hřbetem a delšími zuby. - chemická odolnost - tepelná odolnost do 220°C Délka: 220 mm

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    This popular pin case has magnetic compartments to help secure pins. Use the edge of the box to set up pins, and pull them up to open and use quickly. A favorite of editorial stylists and backstage at Fashion Shows around the world. Made in Japan.Company GORIKI from Osaka.Made in Japan Size: 25x12x43 cm / pins not included

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    Brush to remove hair from face and clothes. Made in Japan.Material: wood, white pig hair of use 85mmLength: 180 mm

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    skvěle navržený box od japonského výrobce pinet. made in Japan. rozměry 300x180x40mm

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    The world's leading manufacturer of premium quality bobby pins, ripple pins & fringe pins from Japan.Company GORIKI from Osaka.Made in Japan Length: 70 mmQuantity: 225/250 g

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